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How do I add a live video streaming camera to a rc airplane?

I want to add a camera to a rc airplane so when I'm flying it I can look on a computer or something else and see the live video. Also is it posible to have voice and a speaker too on the plane. Thanks

http://www.xheli.com/hemiwivica.html I've used this cam on a heli before. Works pretty good other than the noise of the wind being recorded. It would be much worse on a plane I would think. I think it would be dangerous to try and watch it on your computer while trying to fly unless you are an expert with RC planes. Definately wouldn't try to land while watching the computer. It's light and easy to use...and a very low cost cam. I'm not sure how you would (also) mount a speaker and be able to broadcast your voice to it. You would need a huge speaker to be able to hear sound from the ground, and you won't be able to add that kind of weight and still control the aircraft properly. Good thought though. Hope this helps.

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